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Daniel James Morcombe (19 December 1989 – c.7 December 2003)

Daniel Morcombe was abducted from an unofficial bus stop under the Kiel Mountain Road overpass in the Woombye district of the Sunshine Coast approximately 2 km north of The Big Pineapple on Sunday Australia, 7 December 2003. Morcombe planned to catch the 1:35 pm bus to the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre for a haircut and to buy Christmas presents for his family, but he failed to return.

Witnesses reported seeing Morcombe at approximately 2:10 pm on the Nambour Connection Road under the Kiel Mountain Road overpass. The bus he was supposed to catch had broken down a few kilometres before his stop, and was behind schedule. When a replacement bus eventually arrived, Morcombe hailed the bus, but it carried on without stopping, due to its delay and the fact that his stop was only an unofficial request stop. The driver of the bus radioed the depot for another bus to go and pick up Morcombe. The bus driver and other witnesses later reported seeing a man standing a distance behind Morcombe and another man slightly further away at the time. When the second bus came a couple of minutes later, Morcombe and the man had both gone.

His remains were found last year in bushland in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

To mark the 9th anniversary of his death, the Australian community has officially farewelled Daniel at a state funeral, with parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe placing Daniel’s unopened Christmas presents from nine years ago on his coffin. 
The Morcombes asked people not to be sad or angry today but to celebrate their son’s life. 

Rest in Peace, Daniel.
You will never be forgotten.

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