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Oberyn Martell meme: (1/2) two dynamics → Oberyn & Cersei
“Has she seduced you yet?” Tyrion asked, unsurprised. Oberyn laughed aloud. “No, but she will if I meet her price. The queen has even hinted at marriage. Her Grace needs another husband, and who better than a prince of Dorne? Ellaria believes I should accept. Just the thought of Cersei in our bed makes her wet, the randy wench. And we should not even need to pay the dwarf’s penny. All your sister requires from me is one head, somewhat overlarge and missing a nose.”


me if i ever get sent to prison

and she’s not sorry


id take a bullet for u in the leg not anything too fatal just a slight graze

requested: natasha lyonne

Sophie Turner - Nylon Magazine Singapore - July 2014


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